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What is Web Marketing?

Even long time ago, we have marketing personnel such as assistants, specialists and supervisor or manager. Since we are in a new age, everything has evolved in the corporate world. When internet was developed and introduced to people, our lives changed drastically.

They say there are both pros and cons when incorporating the internet world to our professional careers but if you are going to survey and review the effects and impact of web to our professions, you will realize that there are more advantages than negative feedbacks.

The marketing team is responsible for promoting the brand, product or any service that the company offers to their target clients. Web Marketing basically is the same thing and the only difference is the method used. Obviously, web marketing uses the internet to reach the potential customers. Instead of using the old school techniques such as flyers, billboards, TV ads, etc., blogs and social media are used to endorse.

Do not get me wrong, because the methods mentioned are still effective and widely used. The only problem that we see here is the budget. Unlike when through web or the internet, you only have to spend a little or none at all.

Imagine giving away flyers to strangers on the street. Do you think it is worth the effort and expenses? How about sending promotional materials thru email, social media or website?  Is it not more convenient and practical?

Of course, working in front of the computer as a marketer is easier and more comfortable than reaching out to your prospects to different locations every day. Therefore, Web Marketing is an effective modern method used by internet marketers and advertisers (Marketing executives as what we used to call them) to endorse whatever the company or business owner needs to promote. A great example of a web marketing Company is Kick Media Brisbane SEO, they provide a full digital solution to meet most industries needs.

Careers in Web Marketing

In many countries, web related jobs are highly in-demand that is why more colleges and universities offer courses that would train and develop young adults into successful digital marketers.

What are the courses to choose from if you want to have a web marketing career?

You can take up Digital Advertising, Multi-media marketing, Commerce or Marketing Management. Some schools offer a full degree course and some are just short courses for those who just want to learn the basic strategies.

What are the possible job positions to get after finishing a marketing-related course?

You can be a Web Marketer. Some companies hire internet marketers to promote their businesses and online. Web marketers also earn from doing tutorials or motivational videos on how to make a business successful.

Be an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist. This post is in-demand and you can find job openings online looking for someone who can manage the search engine results and ranking. Being an SEO specialist is a rewarding profession since it is one of the highest paid careers in web marketing. Not everyone is capable of handling the SEO of a particular website and having a little background about this job may not be enough to qualify the position.

Or if you are into fun and interesting tasks, be a Social Media Expert or Manager. This job could be a lot easier than the first two careers mentioned. Especially, social media is part of everyone’s daily routine so, handling accounts may be an enticing activity.

Having a careen in web marketing is not so easy especially it requires full knowledge and attention about marketing businesses and at the same time being updated with the trends. In regards to the compensation, managerial post in web marketing can reach up to $100,000.

5 traits of a successful Web Marketer

  1. A go-getter – web marketers are after results especially when dealing with SEO. They do not give up until they reach the first page and the top spot on search engine. Once they are on top, they make sure to maintain the spot by doubling the effort.
  2. Patient – although they are anxious about being number one, they also know how to patiently wait until all their efforts pay off. As the saying goes, “slowly but surely”. They do not rush things just to be on top because being there and maintaining the position are two different things.
  3. Optimistic – you believe that everything you do is right because you are giving your best shot just to make a website successfully optimized. You always think positive and anticipate good results even when the job has just started.
  4. Helpful – successful web marketers are not afraid to share their techniques and special formulas on how to reach the peak. If you will notice, internet marketers conduct short trainings or seminars which are called “webinars” to business owners and bloggers because they want to share the tips and good news that it is possible to succeed if you only know how to manage web marketing well.
  5. Focused – internet world evolves from time to time so, new trends come and go quickly. Online marketers know where to focus and they do not let themselves get distracted by anything or anyone. They have their own plans and ways on how to do their jobs successfully and not even thinking about how others do it. They are open to fads and latest updates but they never switch decisions abruptly when they already made up their minds. Because being unstable and fickle-minded will just ruin the good strategies.