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A brief outline of the eZee Technosys web design process

Our web design process has been refined from time to time based upon our years of experience. Our goal is to deliver you with a website that meets your business objectives, include the client in the web design process without burdening them with extra work, is bug free, and meets the project budget and schedule.

  • Formal Project Requirements
    The Client / Consultant (you) generally contact us with the basic requirements by means of live meeting, on phone, project document or by instant messenger chat. This goes to our project analyst and if he/she have any questions or require further information we ask for further details.
  • Proposal
    Once we are satisfied with the project requirements we will provide you a proposal based upon the requirements. The proposal includes, the technology, time frame, deliverables, an estimate, if any other expenses needs to be taken care by the clients directly and other related information.
  • Design and Layout Approval
    If the client is happy :-) with the proposal, we pass on the project to the website designing team leader. Many of our clients are web designing companies too who ask us to sign the non-disclosure agreement about various things. If required we sign that agreements. Then based on the requirements we provide initial design and layout concepts (Mock). This is sent to the client again. We allocate 1 or 2 people as per requirements of the client for constant conversation till the project is complete.
  • Clients Feedback
    Generally the client and our team gets a better understandings about the project once there is some thing visible. Then based upon the clients feedback the development team continues towards the beta website. This process can some time take several to and fro's of information and ideas.
  • Testing
    Once the website is complete or even few stages prior, we host the website on our own servers. Based on our website testing checklist we test the website from our side. At the same time the client can test it from their side.
  • Deployment
    Once the testing process is complete we host the website on the clients servers and check the site with various automatic software as well as manual to make sure that every thing is working as per the expectations.
  • The Launch
    Hurray - The client smiles!

1. This is the basic overview of our web design processes. There might be many other things which might be not mentioned here or mentioned in briefs.
2. For the first-time clients a deposit may be required with 25% percentage of the full amount before we start the designing